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Non Woven Filter Cloth

Non Woven Filter Cloth
Non Woven Filter Cloth
Product Code : 039
Product Description

Non Woven Filter Cloth

We provide Meta Aramid Non Woven Filter Cloth with following characteristics:
High temperature (204-240 deg. C) anti-acid, anti-alkali

· High filtration blow speed, low pressure drop, anti-break, and anti-abrasion

· Easily be hydrolyzed in the condition of high temperature, which mostly applied in pitch mix gas

· Blast furnace gas in steel factory, gas, tail gas of white char, kiln applications, electric cooker high temperature gas, etc

Nylon can be used at temperatures at which other fibers melt, and unlike glass, it is resistant to fluorides and has good abrasion and flex resistance. It has a wide range of filtration applications, including the cement industry, carbon black, non-ferrous metals and steel.

Heat Resistance: nylon does not melt, but at temperatures above 700°F degradation sets in rapidly. In dry heat, up to and including 450°F, this fiber may be used satisfactorily, as long as there is no acid dew point problem. Small amounts of water vapor at elevated temperature have little or no effect on nylon. At elevated temperatures and intimate contact with water or saturated steam, nylon exhibits a progressive loss in strength. However, it withstands these conditions much better than many other fibers.


Chemical Resistance


Withstands both mineral and organic acids well, but not as well as polyester.


Excellent resistance to alkalis at room temperature (better than polyester) but degraded by strong alkalis at elevated temperatures.

Oxidizing Agents

nylon is degraded by oxidizing agents.

Organic Solvents

Highly resistant to most hydrocarbons and many other organic solvents.