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Filter Bag Oil Absorving

Filter Bag Oil Absorving
Filter Bag Oil Absorving
Product Code : 0049
Product Description

» Easy for Installation : Its SDS Seal easily fits within the cage.
» Double Seal : Double seals to prevent liquid bypass.
» Pressure Seal : Much advanced than traditional design;
mechanical seal design.
» Collapse Free : Thick wall design to resist deformation
under excessive pressure
» Universal Compatibility : Fits and seals in most brands
of standard bag housings.

  •     Heavy duty oil adsorbing capability, adsorbs trace oil up to twenty-three times of adsorbents dry weight.
  •     Exclusively FDA compliant ultra fine Polypropylene micro fiber media. 100% free of silicon contamination.
  •     Multiple layer depth media composite
  •     Trace oil removal & contaminants retention dual-performance
  •     1 ~ 100 micron range, nominal rating
  •     Patented SDS & STS pressure seal rings, steel snap-fit rings
  •     Wide chemical compatibilities
  •     Fiber migration & extractable free media treatment
  •     Large contaminant retention capacities, extended service lives
  •     Change-out differential pressure 0.10 MPa, Max. 0.16 MPa
Product Categories
  •  FCIPPAB - Polypropylene Microfiber Oil Adsorbent Bags

Typical Applications

  • Auto coating & paint Water purification & processing
  • Pharmaceutical    Food & beverage