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CMDF Filter Pad

CMDF Filter Pad
CMDF Filter Pad
Product Code : 0062
Product Description
All XE filter sheets incorporate an advanced blend of selected and processed bleached cellulose fibres combined with non hazardous filter-aids and approved resins to produce filter media with superior filtration capabilities in conjunction with excellent wet and dry handling characteristics. All the raw materials used in the manufacture of XE products arecarefully selected and monitored to ensure their compatibility with beverages and food products.All XE products are made to the same carefully controlled thickness specification so that the different grades can be used in the same filter press configuration and seal thickness. Edge leakage is reduced to a minimum because of the special XE filter sheet formulation and processing conditions. XE filtration sheets are widely used in the filtration of products where they give outstanding clarity and stability combined withlong sheet life and integrity. Typical applications of the XE range include spirits and lagers where long life, sterility, stability and clarity are essential.  Similarly, XE products have found wide acceptance in the filtration of syrups for soft drinks, gelatines and cosmetics, plus a diverse spread of chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates and final products.

 Filter preparation

Prior to the first filtration it is recommended where possible to pre-rinse the closed filter with approximately 50 litres of water per mat 1.25 times the flow rate.  During pre-rinsing check for leakage, re-tighten to eliminate if necessary.


Carlson range of XE filter sheets may be sterilised with saturated steam or hot water.  The pressed filter pack has to be

loosened slightly to ensure that the steam has entirely sterilised the system.  Final pressure should only be applied to the filter pack

the entire filter has cooled down.

Sterilisation with steam:

Steam quality: Steam has to be free of foreign particles and impurities

Temperature: max 1340 c (saturated steam)

Duration :20minutes

Sterilisation with hot water:

Water quality: The water should be softened and be free of impurities

Temperature: 80-85c

Duration: 20 minutes 

Sheet flushing

The Carlson range of XE filter sheets can be forward and back washed using softened water to extend the life and reduce the costs of filtration.  This is, however, very much dependent upon the application and filtration conditions. 

Regeneration procedure:

Cold rinsing: in direction of filtration for approximately 5-10 minutes

Temperature 15-20c

Hot rinsing; forward or reverse direction of filtration for approximately 10 minutes

Temperature 60-80

Safety and disposal 

Used under the correct conditions the Carlson range of XE filter sheets have no known negative effects and can be disposed of through normal route, observing local and official regulations.  Consult MSDS for further information. 


Store in a place which is dry, cool and free from strong odours. 

Forms of supply

XE range of filter sheets are available in all customary sizes, hygienically shrink-wrapped and packed in cardboard boxes. Special formats are available on request.

Typical particle retention values of XE range (um) 

 GRADE                                  MIN RANGE MAX
 XE1700H 0.1 0.2 0.3
 XE1200H 0.2 0.2 0.4
 XE900H 0.4 0.1 0.5
 XE675H 0.4 0.2 0.6
 XE400H 0.5 0.3 0.8
 XE280H 0.5 1 1.8
 XE200H 1.5 1 2.5
 XE150H 3 4 7
 XE90H 4 5 9
 XE80H 5 5 10
 XE70H 5 7 12
 XE50H 6 9 15
 XE20H 8 12 20
 XE10H 9 13 22
 XE5 10.5 14.5